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Bury Me Like This | A project proposed in 2007 and distributed in the form of a public invitation sent from Adamski, Berlin.

The work is to to be executed as soon as possible.

The work proposes that, upon the occasion of my death, my clothed body shall be draped in a simple sheet and placed within an unescorted motorcycle pulled caisson. This caisson shall be driven from the site of my Los Angeles residence at the time of this proposal (June 2007) to a series of destinations around the City of Los Angeles.

Proceed as follows:
After picking up the body, go to the alley behind the 7000 block of N. Figueroa Street.
From there, proceed to 6300 York Blvd.  Stop briefly.
Next, proceed to 904 Fair Oaks Avenue.  Once again, stop briefly.
Go to 525 Bernard Street, circle twice around the dead end and then proceed to Lower Grand Avenue.
Execute a U-turn and head to the intersection of West 2nd Street & Hill Avenue
Go through the tunnel, exiting at 889 West 2nd Street.
From there, proceed to Sunset Blvd.
From Sunset, turn at Alvarado
and head to the 644 S. Park View Street. Stop Briefly.
Head to Wilshire Blvd and travel towards Beverly Hills.
Proceed until turning right at, possibly, Crescent Heights or Sweetzer Avenue and go to 8442 Melrose Place.
From there, climb Coldwater Canyon Drive until you reach Mulholland Drive to Sepulveda Boulevard then drive to Sunset Boulevard and from there proceed to the intersection of Birdview Avenue and Westward Beach Road.  Enter the State Park and travel approximately 250 meters and stop briefly when the casson is directly adjacent to a large rock which lies in the sea approximately 20 meters below the low tide line.
Signal with a horn or klaxon 3 times for at least 2 seconds per signal.  
Wait in silence for at least 1 minute.
Signal with a horn or klaxon 1 time for any duration you determine appropriate.
End of proposal.
Proceed to the crematorium.

A casual escort of friends is neither necessary nor discouraged.
The pronoun my refers to the person who is in possession of title of this work at the time when this work becomes possible.

The project remains to be realized.

© T.Kelly Mason Studio 2007