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Installation view at Marc Foxx

©Photograph Fredrik Nilson

High Points Drifter is composed of 5 elements; aerial photographs are the essence of the exhibition, idealized views, which nonetheless make the divisions of the city along class lines apparent. The overhead view used is similar to Nadar’s: showing the landscape in a manner, which is not normally experienced. Each location photographed, are high points (Topographical) of an area of the Los Angeles basin, which was superimposed with a plan of the gallery.

The models in High Points Drifter serve to reiterate the class structures revealed in the aerial photographs. These models are based on the organization and city plan as seen in the photographs. Different areas within the aerial photographs are defined by several kinds of bottles. The bottles are objects, which carry mixed messages. They become like houses in that they have an interior and an exterior. These models operate through a high modernist language in which information is revealed through materials and gesture.