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MISE A JOUR is an exhibition proposed by the French painter Xavier Noiret-Thomé with Erwan Mahéo, T. Kelly Mason and Xavier Noiret-Thomé. The work of all three artists share a common interest in both unwinding quotation and the wrapped and twisted references to the history of Art, Literature, Cinema, Design, Architecture, Pop Music and Strip Cartoons, that form and inform the conditions of contemporary life.

The show will gather works such as Vladimir, Alexandre, Sherrie et moi by the French Erwan Mahéo (a self-portrait of the artist through the glass of the frame of a portrait of Maïakovski by Rodchenko by Sherrie Levine), paintings from the series Décomposition by Xavier Noiret-Thomé (embezzlement of the abstract geometry of Mondrian’s paintings). The American artist T. Kelly Mason will show new work based on a reading of Gerhard Richter’s candle series and the choreography of Michael Jackson.

Through those references and mise-en-abyme (André Gide’s term for internal duplications or frames within frames) and the infinite regress implicit in this idea, the exhibition MISE A JOUR brings into light the way in which these artists construct various and distorted concepts of time within the viewing and the construction of their works. Historical time and real time collide and ricochet about within the space and installation of these works.

In the space of the Galerie Tanit, Xavier Noiret-Thomé has placed the work of these artists together in an elliptical installation which sets out to emphasize the common ideas of these artists and to discover, through juxtaposition, where, in fact, these shared sensibilities might lead.


Mise A Jour Invitation