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Stars, Stairs, Potemkin Exorcism

is a sound and image installation which poses an interlocking matrix of 3 discreet spaces as an analogy for the conversation which forms the basis of blues music.

The call and response.  In gospel music, the choir calls on God who, it is hoped, will answer.  In the blues, there is no answer.  It is this profoundly modern idea that informs the 4 channel conversation which takes place back and forth, above and below and throughout these spaces.


The spaces are made from speedrail and the walls consist of packing blankets to both shape and contain the sound within.  Lightboxes at each end of the work provide illumination and use illuminated color to shape mood.  These lightboxes each house an image. To the left, in the blue space, the Odessa steps, famously used by Sergie Eisenstein in "The Battleship Potemkin" and to the right, in the black space, the stairs at 36th Street and Prospect in Georgetown DC, also known as the Exorcist Stairs.