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You Try Being Someone Else

In T. Kelly Mason’s 1st solo exhibition at Corso Venezia Otto Mason exhibited a group of lightboxes based on the works of Lucio Fontana.  Mason’s interest in Fontana is centered around the Italian Artist’s ideas of space and the correspondence of gesture and form to these ideas. 

The works were less about the re-expression of actual appearances and more about the execution of an investigation in both the space of history and in the spaces of reproduction and action.  The propositions regarding light and color made by these works mixes the expansive abstract spirit of Spatialism with an acknowledgement of the circumscribed field which now confronts each attempt at expressive gesture.  The very real presence that the works have within a room seems to be in keeping with Fontana’s hope to break the dimensional limits of painting with an object that is somehow “of” painting and simultaneously “not” painting.

If A Small A Mountain Of Holes Is A Mine What's Ours | 200x122 cm | wood, aluminum, acrylic on film, plexiglass

©Photograph Isabelle Arthuis